Small Businesses That You can set up from Home


In today’s world, the biggest update has been the coronavirus pandemic which has now become a part of our routine. Most of us are still trying to socially distance ourselves and remain as isolated and away from people as possible to ensure that the new wave that is said to be coming does not affect us. However, because of this virus, many people have lost their jobs and have been struggling financially as workplaces are not ready after the pandemic to welcome back all staff members.  

These struggles have led to many crises in people’s lives. To avoid or mitigate the intensity of these struggles, we have come up with a list of businesses you can begin from home with less investment. If you were to choose one of these to implement, there is a chance that you will be able to earn enough to sustain yourself through these hard times.

  1. Selling products after buying in bulk

This is a business plan that many have been following even before quarantine, however, now that the coronavirus pandemic has hit, this business plan has been even more successful. This is because people have been trying to store goods to avoid trips to the store. If you buy an imperishable good in bulk and try and sell it on websites like eBay or you can find a shipping partner, it can be beneficial to you and can help you make a profit at such times.

  • Homemade products

In such a time, it is best to let your creativity run wild and let your imagination come at bay. If you have a specific product that you believe you can make, for example artesian soaps, candles, or even food, then you can use this time to sell it online. This will help bring in profit and will also kick start your business. As it will be on a small scale and order based, you will not need too much funding to begin this business.

  • Teach online

Due to the pandemic, schools and teaching services have been suspended to ensure that the virus does not spread. This means that children are at home while their parents work. Most parents have now turned towards e-learning and are trying to get their children to learn through online courses. We suggest that if you are qualified and can find a platform to use your skills wisely, then you should begin to teach online.

  • Offer online services

If you are someone that has skills such as writing or have experience in fields such as marketing, offering online services is a great business idea. You can choose a service that you do well according to your interests and your abilities and then use the Internet as a platform to sell that service. If you want to write, then services such as Up-work and Fiver are excellent to get your freelance writing going. You can even do graphic designing, marketing, personal training, teaching, and much more through the Internet. It does not require any inventory and barely any investment either. You can even opt for phone repairing services like PTC Phone Accessories and Repairs

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