Top 5 Tourist Destinations in New South Wales


Are you planning to visit the beautiful New South Wales anytime soon and not sure what to do to make the most out of your trip? Well, first of all, you have chosen one of the best destinations for the much-awaited holiday trip. You will have a great time after getting a break from tirelessly working from home. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about the places to visit because we are here to make your holiday planning easier for you.

We have shortlisted some not-to-miss-out-on activities in New South Wales. You may thank us later and for now, just go through the list!

  1. Blue Mountains

Exploring the Blue Mountains is among the top things to do in New South Wales. Your trip shouldn’t be complete without visiting the majestic mountains. You will come across beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, and so much more. Since the place has been a favorite tour destination for more than a hundred years, there are now very good tourist facilities to make your trip comfortable.

  • Lord Howe Island

You would definitely fall in love with this place if you are a beach lover. In fact, people who are not very fond of beaches are also pretty much attracted by Lord Howe Island. The place is listed in the World heritage sites so you can imagine the beauty and aura of this place. Dramatic cliffs, white sand beaches, and forests are one of the many things to love about this island. The place caters to tourists by offering several activities including snorkeling, fishing, surfing, hiking, kayaking, etc. The list is no doubt endless.

  • The Hunter Valley

This beautiful valley is just two hours away from Sydney and obviously, it is worth your time and effort. The Hunter valley is located towards the North of Sydney and has a lot of peace and tranquility to offer to its tourists. You can hike, visit the largest national parks and, enjoy luxury resorts and their spas. There is nothing you can’t to do make the most out of your holiday. A lot of people living in Sydney visit The Hunter Valley for a weekend getaway and we guess, you should too. You can easily drive to this place for your next birthday party.

  • Norfolk Island

Are you into world heritage historic sites? Norfolk Island is definitely made for you if you are. You get to see the ruins and tour around the old settlements. It really takes you back to history in the most beautiful way. Moreover, there are museums that you can visit to turn your recreational trip into an educational one. We bet you won’t regret a minute in Norfolk Island. This very destination is just 2.5-hour flight away from Sydney.

  • Parramatta

You might not like this place if you are not much interested in visiting urban settlements. However, the art and culture of this city are truly admirable. Moreover, you can enjoy a very good family time in the riverside cycle paths and there are also some interesting historical sites to visit. The place is obviously not as scenic as island and mountains but we assure you won’t get bored here. You can look for modern hotels in Parramatta NSW for staying.

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