How to Decorate a Birthday Party to remember


Whether you are planning to rent one of the function venues in Melbourne or to work with one of the rooms in your home, having your birthday party in an outsized room can make the event seem unfinished, unplanned or awkward. You do not have to move the part to a smaller space to achieve the best results; you should use the extra space during the planning phase.

Break the room into several sections

Take the dimensions of the room and draw it on a graph paper to scale. List all the activities you are planning for the party. If you are planning for your child’s birthday, the activities can include presents opening, eating the cake piñata or crafts. If it is an adult birthday party, you should dedicate some sections to socializing, others for music and others for events for events like musical chairs, dancing, and eating. Separate the room into various sections depending on what you are planning to do in the part. That way, you will use the whole space in a better way.

Decorate the sections

Before the day of your birthday party, decorate every section according to your function and remember to keep everything in one theme. You can visually separate the sections by hanging silk banners or streamers over each. Break the room down at its ceiling and leave the room open. Ensure that you have arranged the chairs, tables in all sections so that they can close the areas off from walkways, and help pinpoint what will happen in all the portions.

By maintaining the same décor elements or color theme in the whole room, you will make it look like a hodge-podge. Do not do that. A quick example, for the birthday party of your boy’s racecar, red and yellow streamers will work perfectly. Hung yellow streamers in circular patterns over every section and use car printed banners to cordon off the large activity area from other sections.

Plan the activities to use any extra space

Even after breaking down the room into several sections, your guests are likely to be few and the space too large. Be creative with the birthday party activities so that the extra space can make more sense to the guests. Dedicate the large section for dancing, for a scavenger hunt or free-play areas with toys to suit all age groups. When planning, set aside half of the large room for the section or use the center space, with other small spaces surrounding it.

Block off one part of the room

The room might be very large and your party close-knit therefore warranting a large amount of space. In such cases, hang curtains or use decorative screens to block the sections of the room you do not need. You can use the extra space to store some additional supplies, food, and seating and leave the other sections of the room open for your guests.

Choose the curtains and screens depending on the theme or colour of your birthday party so that they will not look like an afterthought. A quick example, you can use lace curtains for your kid’s princess party and hang solid backing across the portions of the room you would want to make smaller.

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