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How to Find the Best Shipping Partner?


If you run an ecommerce business selling products, then you must understand the crucial role of your shipping partner. Your business’ repute and well-being depends a lot on how quickly and safely you deliver the products to your customers.

You are lucky if you have found the right partner, but beginners in this field still struggle to partner with a reliable shipping resource. This eventually results in delays and poor customer retention. After all, every customer wishes to have their shipment with them as soon as possible.

How do you find the right shipping partner? We have compiled a list of things you should look for in shipping companies.  

  1. Responsiveness

It is almost impossible to rule out the chances of delayed deliveries or other mishaps when you are working at a larger scale. You can’t really get away with that, but during such times, the responsiveness of shipping companies is what helps you get through. Your shipping partner must always be available to solve your queries so that your image in front of the customer is not affected.

  • Cheap Rates

You have several other bills to pay when running a business so choosing a shipping partner with incredibly high rates won’t bring you any good. Rather than spending thousands of dollars here, you must shortlist several options and compare their prices along with their performance. You can also try to negotiate if you are expecting a lot of shipments. Usually, they do favor businesses with a high number of orders.

  • Quick and Safe Delivery

Your product will reach the customer with any shipping company, but the question is will it reach right on time or even earlier? This is what you should not miss when you are on journey to find a shipping partner for your business. The time of delivery can actually make or break your reputation. Don’t forget to ask if the company offers same day delivery because it is important for perishable items.

Apart from the speed of delivery, you must also look into their rate of theft, damage, or lost items. A better idea would be to get insurance. You may consult Freight Data International if you intend to deliver your products overseas.

  • Cash on Delivery Options

Not all customers are comfortable paying you via card especially if your venture is relatively new. This is why your shipping partner must offer cash on delivery service. More than that, their cash on delivery account must be easily accessible so you can get your money whenever you require. Settle it out with the company before you finalize the deal in order to avoid irreversible risks and damage.

  • Updated Technology

Nowadays, you cannot successfully run a business if you don’t work using updated technology. Same goes with shipping companies. The use of uninterrupted and updated technology helps perform the task quicker and a lot can be done within a very short span of time. The shipping company should also have links with other companies or backups in case their current software malfunctions.

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