Ladies night themes for bars


Life is crazy, and sometimes women forget to treat themselves right. All ladies out there need a little bit of freedom from your daily routine and get out there, have the time of your life. So, what’s the best way to let go of the steam? It’s simple, plan out a fun night out with your besties.

“Put on your party shoes and your fanciest dresses.”

No matter what happens, Ladies’ nights are always fun – and the best part is, it’s perfectly ok to be absolutely ridiculous! Be it a birthday party or a simple hangout with your girlfriends, you have to make sure these nights are as memorable as they can get.

How about we add a little bit of theme to your next girl’s night out and kick things up a notch? We have shortlisted some of the coolest and unique themes for you ladies out there because Why should boys have all the fun, right?

The 80s Fun

First of all, there is no denying that people in the 80s knew how to party. They were carefree and wild. Why not add that into the mix of the 21st century. Bring your girls to the 80s theme bar and feel young remembering the party era. It doesn’t matter if you are a college teen or an independent aspiring professional, remember, 80’s style never disappoints.

Topless hot males EVERYWHERE!

Just imagine, topless hot male waiters, all ripped and with six-packs, those cheekbones and killer smiles with attentive eyes, serving you your favorite cocktails. It seems like a fantasy to you, right? Well, it isn’t. Have a night out with your girls that none of you will ever be able to forget.

For us, this is the perfect girl’s night out experience. Bring your hen’s party groups, get drunk, check-out the waiters that are eager to serve you the right way. We expect you to bring chaos to the bars and hold nothing back. Scream your hearts out, blow the roof and let the world know that girls know how to party.

This theme is perfect for your next bachelorette party, birthday party, or even a casual Tuesday. Get out there and give yourself a break from the utterly boring routine.

Karaoke Night

Ok, so there might be some of you that just like to sing and not be judged, right? Hey, what are humans, without a bit of imperfection? Having a karaoke night at a bar is one of the most memorable nights you can have without your girlfriends.

Dedicate a song to all your beauties, jump on to the stage, and let loose. If you want to reconnect with your besties, this is the perfect theme for you.

Can’t find a perfect hens night bar?

Visit Australia and have a vintage hens’ night in Melbourne. Get in touch with a network of some of the most prestigious and glamorous night clubs. Don’t hesitate anymore, forget about work and any side hustles you might have and make room for your next girl’s night out plan.

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