Bathroom designs for home renovation


Planning to renovate your home? Don’t forget to redesign and redecorate the bathroom.

Redesigning your bathroom is an essential aspect of home renovation for multiple reasons. It is one part of the home where you can take a relaxing bath, freshen yourself up, and take a break if the halls outside are crowded as hell. It is also worth mentioning that the majority of the people that visit your home judge you on how good your bathroom is.

So why not invest some money on something so important?

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a luxury spa treatment, why not create a place at your home that meets all your needs and helps you relax.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Value vs. Cost report, average remodelling cost is around $10-11k, and it can go up to $25k. However, if you get a bit creative, the remodelling cost can be cut down to almost $3k. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you need to change.

Well, we have a list of bathroom designs that are for people with a great sense of style and impeccable taste. Implementing these ideas will help you stand out among the rest, and your house value will shoot through the roof.

Design #1: Roman Inspired Bathroom

This style of the bathroom was seen in the guest bathroom of stylist turned decorator Estee Stanley. The design of this bathroom is so appealing your guests would never be able to blink their eyes, not even for a second. The vanity and warm-veined marble flooring, all of it inspired by the Roman Spa.

Design #2: Refined Chicago Bathroom

This is a highly unconventional and glamorous bathroom design for a Chicago family home. The overall look of this bathroom feels like a palace in its existence. The bathroom design is not only spacious but also exceptionally bright due to an all-white palette. The accent used in this floor is checkered bordered and crystal chandelier.

Design #3: Royal Bathroom

Inspired by the bathroom design of Alan Faena’s Beach Home in Miami. The bathroom has a Louis XV mirror, floor to ceiling marble, candelabra sculpture, and Philippe Starck chair. Designed by the very famous interior designer Peter Tunney. His work is simply a craft of brilliance and is beyond the wildest imaginations of what a bathroom could be. The design makes space look brighter and bigger.

Design #4: Floor Focused Bathroom

These designs can be found in the Greenwich Village apartment, maintaining a monochromatic palette with large subway tile walls and electric flooring. The designs create a movement within the space. Gold knobs, sconces, and sink fittings glimmer in the brightness and project a metallic elegance overall.

Before we say our goodbyes, make sure you get your bathroom renovated by an experienced plumber (here). This will give you the assurance of getting your renovation done with precision and efficiency with the least inconvenience.

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