How to Arrange your Kitchen the Right Way?


A kitchen may be an underappreciated space that we use very often, but do not know how to organize or arrange it properly in the right manner. Many of us know a few techniques and tricks of how to get our kitchen in order, however, those techniques are not formulated well enough or do not last long enough to keep your kitchen in organized. This can mean messy drawers, utensils in the wrong cabinets, jumbled Tupperware and more, which really is not what you want. This is why we have come up with a few tips that will help you organize your kitchen in a way that will help you navigate through it easily as well as have an organized, neat and clean kitchen at all times.

  1. Baskets

In the pantry it is always smart to use baskets. This will help de-clutter your pantry, keep it organized and keep your pantry looking neat and clean. To do so, it is best that you correlate items and keep them together. For example, all the pasta should be put into one category. This would make it easier for you to navigate through and choose the kind of pasta you want as well as keep your pantry organized and arranged. This will also save you a lot of space. When things are inside a basket, they consume lesser space rather than when they are kept separately, so this too is a hack on saving space.

  • Accessible Cabinets

To keep your cabinets clean and organized for a much longer period, separate your everyday use items’ cabinet from your occasionally used items’ cabinet. This will help you remain organized and clean. As you would usually be using the cabinet that is for everyday use. If these were kept jumbled together, the cabinets would be getting dirty and disorganized almost every single day. Another trick is to get kitchen drawer kits for cabinets as these will also help in organizing and keeping your cabinets clean.

  • Organize kitchen tools by the type of cooking.

This may seem weird to many, but it’s very wise if one can organize kitchen tools in terms of the type of cooking they do. It’s always smart to keep your bakery cooking tools in a separate kitchen drawer than in your savoury food cooking items. People also like to keep their savoury cooking tools separate from those used in sweets as they may have a distinct smell to them. When you organize these tools separately, it helps in cooking as well as in the organization and cleaning of the kitchen which really is a win-win situation. This will also help prevent any mixing of utensils which can lead to bad tastes and smells which are very unwanted.

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