Summer Clean Out? Here are 4 Things You Do Not Want to Throw Out


Whenever the season changes, you might get an itch to totally clean your drawers, closets and kitchen shelves and throw out most of the items. However, you should remember that your brain might get ahead of you at times and make you emotional when sorting out the items in your home. Even though you are unlikely to keep most of your items in your entire life, you should give yourself adequate time when deciding on what to keep and what to throw out. Some people choose to repurpose some items in their homes so that they can match their current needs – while saving money and clutter in the whole process. Here are the four things you do not need to throw away and smart ideas on how to repurpose them.

–          Picture frames

Perhaps, you already have numerous picture frames in your closets. Do not throw them away, put them into good use by painting over the glass and making a functional DIY chalkboard. If you have pictures you would want to display in your office or to use when setting up a home holiday décor, use the picture frames. You will definitely love the results.

The frames will offer protection for your photos and add aesthetic appeal to them, therefore, changing them into art pieces that add charm and sophistication to your home or office. Moreover, the frames will help you hang your photos without having to damage them with nails, thumb tracks or affixing glue. As you can already see, there are many reasons you should never throw out your picture frames.

–          Window shades

Most people change their window dressing from time to time. But when cleaning out this summer, you should not toss the old window shade. You can use it as a form of sophisticated décor in your home. You only need to paint it with chalkboard paints or draw your desired images on it. if you already have old wooden window shades, you can use them to build striking picture frames. To do that, cut slats of varying lengths and stake them in layers. Use wood adhesive to join the slats and allow them to dry. Leave the wood in the natural state, coat with paint or apply stain.

–          Your old winter jackets

Old clothing might just sit in your closet or dresser drawer, taking up the important space that you would use for clothing other clothes. For example, you might think of tossing the old personalized graduation jackets out or giving them away. However, how often will you be motivated? Bagging up such clothes is not fun, but making craft is. The good news is you can create many crafts from your old clothing. Dress up the old clothes with alterations, make accessories, artwork, quilts, and transform some pieces into others. Be creative and start keeping most of the old items in your home.

–          The crib

You might not be planning to have any other baby, but you should resist the urge to throw the crib out of your house. You can use it to building a desk for your kids – you just need chalkboard paint and some creativity. Cut a small piece of particle board, of similar size to that of the mattress and adjust it to the right height. Buy a chair and hanging accessory to complete the station.

You do not have to throw everything you are not currently using out of your house. You just need to repurpose it. In addition to the above items, you can identify the others to keep.

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