Remote working has become the new norm since Covid-19 hit the globe and brought industries to a standstill. Thanks to the digital age, a lot of industries somehow sustained, relying solely on work-from-home. While it sounded great at first, remote work had every one facing unseen challenges and situations no one was prepared for. Be it a faulty internet or inability to explain projects remotely, everyone working from home has had one’s fair share of problems associated with remote working.

Among other issues, remote working prompted employers to ponder upon why every business should have managed IT services.

Another key issue was managing employees and keeping productivity levels high while communicating over video/audio calls. We have listed some of our top tips to manage employee productivity remotely.

  • Strong but Expressive Communication:

“Distance lead to disputes” and that is why it is important to communicate with your employees regularly. Motivational levels can go excessively down if your employees begin to feel disconnected with the company or you. Maintain a strong, positive and expressive communication. Schedule frequent video meetings and keep your chat messages casual. Use of emojis can also do wonders.

  • Culture Code Goes a Long Way:

Developing an exclusive culture code for remote employees can always help to maintain employee unity and to boost their morale. Culture code instils a sense of belonging and pride. Hire a professional Culture Code Framework service to devise a tailored culture-code for your remote employees.

  • Strategise in Advance

For an efficient remote workforce, it is essential to create some exclusive remote working strategies for your business which will not only help in employee’s professional growth but add value to your business.

  •  Ensure Flexibility

When the pandemic hit, no one was really ready to take up work-from-home. A lot of people still face petty issues daily. As an employer, your best bet is to show flexibility in your general office norms and cater to the needs of your employees. If the employees face connectivity or communication issues, it is best to give extended deadlines and depict flexibility in professionalism.

  • Avoid Putting Pressures On Employees

Putting pressure on the employee in case of delay can be afflicted, always try to understand the situation first and then react out of anger. While your employees work remotely, tone down your feedback and avoid creating undue pressure for your employees.

  • Involve Them In Group Meetings

Remote working can lead to a sense of disconnect among employees. Involve all your employees in group meetings and discussion and invite their ideas on projects to create a sense of ownership and involvement and boost their morale.

With all the tips to improve remote working productivity, it is also important that you don’t forget your usual office ethics and be office-ready for when the pandemic lifts or restrictions ease out.  It is best that you prepare your office in advance for the return of employees.

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